Burrata might just be the world’s best cheese. Bold claim, I know, and it’s one that not everyone on our team would agree with (ahem, Chanel and Caroline. Get on board.) There’s something extra delicious and luxurious about this creamy, decadent cheese, which is why I wanted to dedicate some space to some of my favorite burrata recipes. And while I adore a burrata appetizer or a classic cheeseboard, there are so many unexpected ways to incorporate it into meals.

For those who love it as much as I do, you might be surprised to learn that there are wrong ways to use burrata. In my extensive recipe searches, I came across a salmon and burrata sandwich (no, thank you) and way too many recipes that combined burrata and eggs.) Other than those missteps, it’s almost hard to mess up this creamy, delightful cheese from the gods.

If you’re asking, “what’s burrata?” well, let me introduce you. It starts out as fresh mozzarella that gets stuffed with curd and topped off with fresh cream. The whole yummy thing is then sealed up into a ball that’s ready to be broken and ooze its deliciousness all over whatever dish you serve it up in. I’m partial to a peach burrata salad or even a burrata pasta, but I’m itching to try each and every single of the scrumptious recipes listed below.

Since we could all use more of this in our lives, scroll on for 15 incredibly delicious burrata recipes.

Peach & Burrata Pizza With Honey Balsamic from Half Baked Harvest

This is a pizza for grownups if I’ve ever seen one. You won’t be able to go back to delivery once you’ve tried this absolutely delicious and decadent recipe. It’s summer on a ‘za!

Summer Spaghetti With Tomatoes, Burrata, & Basil from Camille Styles

Mix up your Sunday pasta dinner with this light and refreshing take on traditional Sunday spaghetti. Few things are as compatible as tomatoes, burrata, and basil, so you know you can’t go wrong with this fresh take.

Braised Tomatoes With Burrata from The Modern Proper

The juxtaposition of these warm, braised tomatoes with the creamy coolness of a burrata makes for a delicious appetizer for any meal. Save it to impress your loved ones at your next gathering or treat yourself to a truly tasty and special treat. You deserve it!

Burrata Toast With Caramelized Walnuts & Mint-Pomegranate Pesto from Camille Styles

We love toasts of every kind, so you know we can’t pass up the opportunity to whip up a burrata toast with some seriously delicious homemade pesto. The crunch of the walnuts, bite from the pomegranate, and smooth burrata texture all combine effortlessly for an exciting and flavorful experience.

Snap Pea Salad With Burrata from Bon Appétit 

Throw together this light and refreshing salad next time you’re trying to decide what to make for a delicious weekend lunch. It’s a little peppery, a little crunchy, a little tart, and extremely delish.

Caprese Salad Platter from Foodie Crush

Can’t go wrong with a deconstructed platter, especially when it contains multiple cheese sources that include burrata. It’s a feast for the senses.

Burrata, Fig, & Arugula Salad from Camille Styles

Treat yourself to this delightfully summery salad. It’s one of my favorite burrata recipes because it’s easy to make, convenient, quick, and absolutely beautiful. (Not to mention the fact that it tastes like a dream!)

Spring Pea Pasta With Burrata from What’s Gaby Cooking

Looking for another fresh, springy pasta recipe? Then look no further than this pea-filled dish from What’s Gaby Cooking. It’ll satisfy that wild burrata craving while also being a filling, comforting meal that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Grilled Beets With Burrata & Poppyseed Vinaigrette from Bon Appetit

Is there anything better than a beet salad on a hot summer day? Grilled beets and burrata complement each other beautifully, and the poppyseed vinaigrette is an unexpected addition to this lovely dish.

Springtime Mushroom & Asparagus White Burrata Cheese Pizza With Balsamic Drizzle from Half Baked Harvest

This burrata pizza recipe is an absolute dream, I couldn’t have conjured something better if I tried. It’s a hearty, veggie-forward pizza that aims to please. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Broccoli Rabe, Burrata, & Prosciutto Crostini from Honestly Yum

Fancy up your toasts with these delicious crostini. Snack on them as an appetizer or load up a larger piece of your favorite yummy bread and make it a meal.

Margherita Pizza Dip from Half Baked Harvest

Sorry, what’s that? A pizza in DIP FORM? You had me at hello. Everything you could want from a classic Margherita pizza in an ooey-gooey dip format. I”m positively swooning.

Burrata With Berries, Honey, Balsamic, & Pepper from Food52

The magic of burrata lies in its ability to work just as beautifully as either a savory or sweet confection. If you’re a fan of a cheese course for dessert then look no further than this truly delightful option from Food52.

Peach Panzanella Salad With Burrata and Bacon from Foodie Crush

The next time you get the itch for a Panzanella check out this bacon-y, burrata-y option. It’s salty, sweet, creamy, and ultra-satisfying. The trick is in those perfect homemade croutons.

Artichoke Burrata Pizza With Lemon Basil Pesto from How Sweet Eats

The smooth flavor of an artichoke combined with the brightness of burrata and tart lemon basil pesto makes for a unique and delectable pizza.

Fried Burrata Over Romesco Sauce from Spoon Fork Bacon

You’ll think you’re at your villa in the Italian countryside when you take a bite of this mouthwatering dish. It’s rustic and homey while still feeling like an elevated, special eating experience.

Roasted Acorn Squash With Garlic Butter and Burrata from Food & Wine

This beautiful dish draws on the gorgeous flavor profiles of all its ingredients to combine and make an indulgent and fanciful meal. It’s positively heavenly.

Fancy Toast With Spring Greens, Lumpfish Roe, and Burrata from Local Milk

Take a trip to Scandanavia without ever leaving your home with this toothsome dish from Local Milk.

This post was originally published on May 2, 2018, and has since been updated.

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